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A few ideas of stuff to do while you're in and around ATL around June 9-11...

Note: I didn't include nearby CDC museum because it's closed until June 16.

Atlanta Botanical Garden / Piedmont Park - Our party starts 7pm Saturday at Magnolia Hall in Piedmont Park (Atlanta's big intown public park). Nearby to Magnolia Hall is The Atlanta Botanical Garden, which, if the weather is cooperative, is lovely. You could certain visit the Botanical Garden and/or Piedmont Park during the afternoon, wring the sweat out of your socks, and then walk on over to Magnolia Hall for the party. Extra punk rock points for anybody who participates in the Atlanta Moon Ride in Piedmont Park friday night.

World of Coca-Cola Ever wonder how to turn carbonated sugar-water into a multi-billion dollar operation? Atlanta is home to and benefactor of the drink behemoth - the museum has all manner of interesting history and artifacts.

Center for Civil and Human Rights Atlanta has long been a hub for non-violent social change and civil rights (motivated by idealism and more often pragmatism). And if you can't get enough, there's MLK historic area and The King Center. And broader city history at city history museum.

Kennesaw Mountain Park The whole region is steeped in civil war history. Kennesaw Mountain Park is a well-explained and scenic spot to learn a bit about it. Easy walk up and good view from the top.

Stone Mountain Theme Park This entertaining theme park features a huge granite rock serving as both a natural wonder and a symbol of the still-evolving regard for the civil war, race, southern heritage, and more. The laser show on the side of the mountain is quite a spectacle (if you're interested, ask me what the show was like prior to its ATL-is-hosting-1996-olympic-games-and-guests-might-see-this-show semi-political-correctness-ification). Our synagogue's resident geologist led us on a tour a few years ago, so Grant can tell you all you need know about gneiss.

Ice Skating with Grant and friends Grant and some other noisy adolescents are going ice skating Sunday June 11, 130pm to 330pm. Great way to beat the Georgia heat.

Taiji Practice at Meizhong If your taiji is rusty, head over to Meizhong studio (where Alison regularly attends) Sunday June 11 for a 330pm session, and get your chi flowing.

Or try this if an early morning sunday run sounds like what you need to burn off last night's food and drink.

Georgia Aquarium Having an aquarium isn't unique, but downtown Atlanta has a pretty good one, so I've included it. Wisely it features charismatic exotic creatures rather than the local aqua-treasures (catfish and leeches).

Atlanta Symphony Orchestra Similarly I include the ASO not because it's unique (many cities have orchestras), but because it's surprisingly good for a second tier city. June 11 program is silly, but then again if it sounds good, it is good. Alternatively click here if you miss the 80s. Or here if Chance is more your thing.

PDK AIRSHOW This little airshow at a neighborhood civilian aviation airport is always a good time. We've enjoyed this event in years past.

Tunes From The Tombs We almost always (that is, when we do not have a life cycle event) attend this excellent music festival in a nearby historic cemetery.

Atlanta Dragway For the full southern cultural experience, I argue that you can't beat a visit to one of the myriad local drag strips (or dirt tracks) for "spectator night" or "run what ya brung" or "test and tune". For $20 you can race your rental car all night long (provided you meet the comical requirements). You'll leave with lots of new friends and tall tales.

BBQ Much debate and argument about which BBQ is best. Community Q is our current favorite spot. Beef ribs, when they have them, are the best.

If your hometown lacks the Beijing food you enjoyed when you visited us in China, see #4 here or here.

Beltline If you happen to be an urban planning/development nerd, consider the Atlanta BeltLine tour (bus, walking, or bike). Or just take a walk on the eastside beltline from southeast corner of Piedmont Park. The BeltLine is an ongoing city project to convert a ring of unused railways to trail/commercial space/parks/greenway. The project started life as a Georgia Tech masters student thesis. The eastside trail extension, under construction now, will connect our neighborhood to piedmont park.

Atlanta Braves The Braves host the Mets this weekend at a beautiful brand new stadium (what was wrong with the "old" stadium? Wrong question to ask, libertarian!).